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-Masked as GOTW

I may like the Color..

But a little black and white is alright. Some sparkly black shades, a high collard bold silky shirt with faux eyelashes and a silky headband (yes that is moi) may be the look you need. 

-Masked in Black


Dancing in Undies

Well, not quite, because I am not as raunchy as I seem. But above is a picture of this adorable vintage dress I got while thrifting with my gramma today! Hah, I know she was dying of boredom, I was practically breathing the fabrics in. SILK, LACE, SATIN, OH MY! And even better, 48 dollars. Come on now! I plan on wearing this with a pair of two toned tights? American Apparel makes a pair with one creme leg, and one black one. Pair with oxfords and a leather bomber, come on, its lingerie gone classy

-Floating in a Masked Gown


Eye LOVE Rodarte

These clothes are simply stunning, in more ways then one. From the girly dresses with studded heels to the feathers, to the ripped up tights, these clothes are just an inspiration like no other. Take the earrings above, I mean come on... nothing makes more of an impression to have 10 eyes on your head. You know, lawyers should wear them, make people cave easily. The second picture (this was not the order of the show) is a floor sweeping tri-toned outfit, one of my favorite trends, the light to dark or dark to light fading look. It makes you look longer, and I just think its so edgy and yet sophisticatedly girly at the same time. LOOK at those gold pair of stunna-shoes. I haven't been wowed by shoes since the MJ backwards heel phenomenon. The heel,  the way the oh-so-sexily wrap around the ankle is utterly brilliant. The next picture is exactly the kind of makeup I want for spring. Peachy, goldy tones and a pale lip are a great look. It wouldn't show up on skin, but it would live a shimmer and shine that I like. Contrary to the floor sweeping gown is this high waisted feather ensemble. Its so rock and roll it makes me drool. I love the rocker heels with it, the feathered skirt. The skirt you could actually try a DIY, maybe go to your local craft store, get a high waisted skirt and some fabric glue, see what happens. Another look that is softer is this chiffon number, worn with ripped tights and heels give it a masculine edge. I love the look of hard core meets soft and gentle, its very hip and sort of 80's think going on there. BAM, another pair of heels, with pointy tips on the toe. I would NOT like to fall on those babies. (Or make the model wearing em mad). IS THIS NEXT DRESS NOT THE MOST TO DIE FOR ITEM? Oh god.. from the braided one shoulder to the fluffy skirt, the details, the golden colors, the tights, the shoes, the .. whole thing is beautiful. Another great dress, loving the pale pink. I am going to incorporate this into my wardrobe by getting a pale pink skirt.. and gold five inch heels that cost my school tuition. ha ha. This makeup is also gorgeous, with the eye's that give a little bit of attitude and then the LOOK AT ME lip. It's great. I love this model as well. The next look isn't my favorite favorite, but I do love the jacket on that. I am noticing a lot of crochet-esque designs this season, and I am liking the former grandma look rocked as modern. I love plum purple, so the next skirt is to die for. The color combo is great here, with the browns, creams its a very warm fall-y vibe here. Finally we end with an all off-white ensemble, normally I despise that look, but here it is defiantly working, since there is some sheer, layering, and great textures. I am head over heels for Rodarte

-Masked in all White


Let's Take it to the Street

What do these pictures have in common? That is a really good question, one that is in the eye of the beholder. In my opinion, each photo embodies a type of street style. Grungy-Brooklyn-Williamsburg-Graffiti-Tattooed-Punkish-Girliness-Sophistication-Mod-Classic-y. Those are the looks I see. In the first picture we see a glamorous New York City Mom (please, some of the women are the most wrinkled prunes you have ever seen..) toting around an adorable four year old. Mom wears a sophisticated little floral mini-dress that corresponds to her daughters sweater. I've seen matching, though none like this before. In the picture below, we see a striking model (Gemma Gemma) who wears a chiffon dress-robe item worn with an intensely chunky necklace, and glads. How is this wacky as hell look inspiring? It makes me want to put on my gold shimmer tights, pale lavender shift dress and every piece of jewelry I own. The look is effortless, and its taken place on.. where else? The streets. Though I am sure this isn't the image that comes to mind when you think 'street'. In the next two, we see some edgy photography I found on Flickr. (Thank you Flickr). Shot in my city, NYC, there is a lot of graffiti, dirt, grunge, reminds me a bit of Cory Kennedy meets M.I.A. A picture can inspire a style. In this case, I want to wear some Pucci-esque tights, neon sneakers, chest high high-waisted shorts, I mean hey.. on the streets the sky is the limit. 

-Mascared in Street Colour


Color is a Stroke of Genius

This spring and summer, it is ALL about COLOR.  I mean come on, the only time dreary clothes and stuffy things are allowed is winter. And even then you can work it out. But now its time to put on your floaty dresses, sparkly headbands, rainbow skirts, band tees n' ripped denim and eye popping accessories! Ways to incorporate the look are to add a pair of great colored tights to your wardrobe. Pink, Yellow, Blue. I recommend pink for those with a tanner skin tone, yellow for a darker skin tone, and blue if your fair to pale. Also, vintage shops are great to get headbands, I've picked up some nice ones myself, in addition to Urbanoutfitters. Skirts can be found anywhere, and ask your parents for some band tees to cut up! Pink Floyd anyone? 



And they say Hil has no style...

... and their right, honestly, Hillary Clinton has an anti-skirt policy or something. ANYWAY, this shoot is utterly brilliant. I love how they incorporated fashion into political news. You have the sepia color, which makes for dramatic photography. I decided to only do Democrats (although Edwards isn't running) since I am a Democrat. Isn't the bag in the second picture adorable? Also, these Photoshop skills are pretty impressive. Who do you want to be the new McPrez? Personally, I think OBAMA puts it to Hil's Mama, but that's just me. 

- Masked Lady

Ravishing Ruby Beauty

I love redheads, such a beautiful color. Though it would look.. oh MINORLY creepy on a caramel lady like myself. Let's talk about this rubies. Lily Cole is so original looking. She's got the crystal colored eyes, and is a real firecracker. Lindsay Lohan, although turning into a rehab usual and a attention-hogging whore, actually looks great here, the bag is amazing, and that hair, its GLEAMING. Someone Gorge who I don't know is next. I sort of recognize this face, but I can't place a name. Her eyes are almost Native American looking, she's so uniquely beautiful. Aggie (Deyn) is the last. A natural blonde, but I love her edgy look here, with the pinky-red mohawk and a face full of glitter. 

-Masked in Makeup

Veggies are the new Meat

- Lining my Eyeliner

Nothing Beats Nana in Chanel

All of these pictures are different. Clearly. You have the Grandma doing the 80's flashback, A model wearing big bows and a pained expression, sick shoes on a grimy old bed, fabulosity to the highest level in the picture of Japanese Street Style, one of my favorite looks. Finally, there is a dark meets light in a picture of "warriors" toting around a fashion forward, laughing woman (whom oh so happens to be Aggie). What do these pictures show? To me they show fashion always lasts, being young and girly is overrated, bright neon rules all, kicking up your kicks can be done anywhere, and a girl has the right to be toted around by the ever-charming protectors. 

- Mascared Chick 


And who is this chick?

Ok, so this is me, a totally unmatching outfit I put on on a whim. Mustard tights, a skater dress, and a leather bomber with black leather oxfords (not pictured). More looks to come

- Masked Lady

Masked In Mascara

Welcome to Masked in Mascara, inspired by the drama of makeup and masquerade. Both scandalous. Both fun. Both a look at luxury, even though the latter could be picked up at a local drugstore. It doesn't take much to make a girl feel special... if she's a special one.