Ravishing Ruby Beauty

I love redheads, such a beautiful color. Though it would look.. oh MINORLY creepy on a caramel lady like myself. Let's talk about this rubies. Lily Cole is so original looking. She's got the crystal colored eyes, and is a real firecracker. Lindsay Lohan, although turning into a rehab usual and a attention-hogging whore, actually looks great here, the bag is amazing, and that hair, its GLEAMING. Someone Gorge who I don't know is next. I sort of recognize this face, but I can't place a name. Her eyes are almost Native American looking, she's so uniquely beautiful. Aggie (Deyn) is the last. A natural blonde, but I love her edgy look here, with the pinky-red mohawk and a face full of glitter. 

-Masked in Makeup

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