Let's Take it to the Street

What do these pictures have in common? That is a really good question, one that is in the eye of the beholder. In my opinion, each photo embodies a type of street style. Grungy-Brooklyn-Williamsburg-Graffiti-Tattooed-Punkish-Girliness-Sophistication-Mod-Classic-y. Those are the looks I see. In the first picture we see a glamorous New York City Mom (please, some of the women are the most wrinkled prunes you have ever seen..) toting around an adorable four year old. Mom wears a sophisticated little floral mini-dress that corresponds to her daughters sweater. I've seen matching, though none like this before. In the picture below, we see a striking model (Gemma Gemma) who wears a chiffon dress-robe item worn with an intensely chunky necklace, and glads. How is this wacky as hell look inspiring? It makes me want to put on my gold shimmer tights, pale lavender shift dress and every piece of jewelry I own. The look is effortless, and its taken place on.. where else? The streets. Though I am sure this isn't the image that comes to mind when you think 'street'. In the next two, we see some edgy photography I found on Flickr. (Thank you Flickr). Shot in my city, NYC, there is a lot of graffiti, dirt, grunge, reminds me a bit of Cory Kennedy meets M.I.A. A picture can inspire a style. In this case, I want to wear some Pucci-esque tights, neon sneakers, chest high high-waisted shorts, I mean hey.. on the streets the sky is the limit. 

-Mascared in Street Colour


MyOwnBiggestFan said...


and my polyvore name is BergdorfBabe.



Chloe said...

thankers! ahha. :D

Shirley's Place said...

Great pics.